Double & Triple Glazing, Heated Glass, Fridge Doors & Seals, All Brands Of Spares & On-Site Repairs.

Can’t afford to go without your refrigerated glass / fridge doors while its being repaired?..

MDR Makes having your refrigerated glass and fridge seals repaired or replace FAST, SIMPLE, COST EFFECTIVE & most importantly

NO LOSS OF BUSINESS with our ON-SITE service!

If your fridge glass is wet or condensating, cracked or broken & your seals are worn?..

We take a lot of pride in our repairs and replacements and although we complete the job at hand efficiently, we by no means produce poor quality work.

MDR sell brand new Orford, Skope, Williams, Anthony & Stoddart Doors Also Commercial Fridges.

We use Edge Tech Super Spacer, 950 times less conduction than Alum spacer bar, Up to 65% increase in edge temp, Global accreditation

IGU approved sealant that won’t let you down ‘Simply the best’ Our sealant can withstand temps of -62’C to +204’C heat proofed and also is fully waterproof. (not like butyl that isn’t)